Cert. Med. Aide    10 Day Class

Our 10 Day Certified Medication Aide training course is the only one of its kind!  In just 2 weeks, you will be earning money as a CMA!


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CNA/Home Health 10 Day Class

Thousands of graduates will tell you to begin your nursing career with this 10 Day class.  The tuition is reasonable and the class schedule is easy!


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CNA/Home Health Night Class

Commitments during the day?  NO PROBLEM!  Join our evening course and get CNA and Home Health certifications in just a few short weeks!


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Cert. Home Health 2 Day Class

This class is for Certified Nurse Aides who want to jump into Home Health.  Good News!  Your new career in Home Health is just two days away!


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Healthcare Admin    10 Day Class

Work in Hospitals, Clinics, Agencies, Private Practices and many more!  Many graduates double their income with this 10 day class! 


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Wings will teach you the ABC’s of nursing! From your first day of class to the Certification test, we help you get ready for your new career in nursing. One things is for sure, at Wings our success depends upon YOUR SUCCESS! Our goal is to MAX OUT your potential, so that you are off and running with a successful and rewarding new career!

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